ads ENGINEERS provided the MEP & FP design for this building. Congratulations to MetroLoft!

Metro Loft purchased the lease on the 27-story building from Vornado Realty Trust back in 2015 for $185 million, and announced its intention to convert the office building into apartments.



This Revit 3D model is a component of ads ENGINEERS’ latest hotel project in Brooklyn.  The building’s cooling and heating requirements for tenants are provided by a condenser water system and boiler plant.  This diagram shows the open cooling tower on the roof, which supplies the condenser water.  Pumps circulate this water through plate-and-frame heat exchangers in the mechanical room to the building’s closed heat-pump loop.  A boiler plant in the building’s mechanical room provides the hot water.  The plant includes gas-fired hot water boilers, pumps, and distribution piping to heating units.  (Domestic hot water is handled by a separate hot water zone.) 


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